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What do you buy for a Caterham owner? Gift vouchers are the easiest present to give to your Caterham loving family and friends. We have various denomination which can be purchased in multiples allowing you to purchase any amount you require.

Our gift vouchers can be exchanged for any Just Add Lightness products and can be used as part payment for orders that exceed the value of the vouchers.

How do I order?

Simply fill out the form as follows:

TO: The email address of the person receiving the gift voucher.

RECIPIENT: The name of the person receiving the gift voucher.

FROM: Your name or the person you want the gift voucher to be from.

MESSAGE: A nice personal message always goes down well.

DELIVERY DATE: Choose the exact date that you would like to send the gift voucher. If left blank then the gift voucher will be sent immediately.

What happens next?

A personal email will be sent to the recipient on the date of your choice. The email will contain a unique code that can be used when purchasing products from Just Add Lightness.

Please note: 

All gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.


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